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Appliance Installation

Dishwasher Installation

Trying to install the dish-washing machine without an appropriate level of professional skills can cause some unexpected problems related to the relationship of water and electricity. The easiest way to avoid such situations is to call the expert from our service. He will provide the installation in the best way for a reasonable price.

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Dryer Installation

The right way to avoid mistakes during the installation of the dryer is to entrust this activity to a professional. As we say, our service has a number of them in the crew. The easiest path to save your time and to keep your nerves safe is to call us and to order the specialist’s visit. Keep in mind – we do not haul away!

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Washer Installation

Your own washing machine can be a very comfortable item to have in an apartment or a house. However without exact knowing of the procedure, the installation process can become a waste of time. Therefore, calling our professional will save your time and let you have your washing machine installed correctly!

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Refrigerator Installation

Modern refrigerators often have a lot of additional functions. They all require setting and right installation if you want them to work in a proper way. So its recommended to call our professional to ensure that everything is done right and your refrigerator works correctly.

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Disposal Installation

To install a garbage disposal requires connecting your home’s electrical & plumbing system. Both of them should be handled in the correct way to avoid problems during garbage disposal installation. It takes our experienced crew about 2-3 hours to get all the things done.

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